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When Silk kisses Velvet

Hi beauties after a long time ago I'm finally back!

In this look I wanted to play with a trend you see a lot lately and which I am totally obsessed with: Silk Dresses.

This Dress was a gift from a good friend of mine, to give it a new live so that means it's a vintage, lovely, silk dress in a beautiful rose tone with velvet butterfly and floral prints. The cut is so elegant, being modern and classic at the same time. It makes the entire dress more glamorous and it looks like a little piece of art. The dress kisses my silhouette so good ÔÇô the Piji design ÔÇô offers a great mix of an effortless day look and a evening robe at the same time. For my personal style mix I enjoy wearing it with my Buffalo sneakers from Dosenbach for the day look.

You all know how passionate and how much I enjoy mixing up new trends and different kind of style directions. The rest of the outfit I like to keep quiet since the dress is a very beautiful piece that doesnÔÇÖt need too much distraction.

Thanks for reading and be inspired. ­čĺő

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