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New years resolutions? Forget that Sh*t!

simplify your life! 

The power of a single word

Take time to think..

In spite of the bustle which is connected with New Year's Eve we think that the new year is a miraculous opportunity to make a clear sweep and to venture a new start.

We have the free choice; to finally get rid of 10 excessive pounds; really hold our everyday devotion; to win more often; to train harder; better pray; spend more time with the family; to pay open bills etc. But, nevertheless, actually, it arrives only seldom that we put into action the long list in intentions really. 

A solution consists in leaving out all that and in concentrating upon one single word for the next year.

Half of the good intentions, fails at the end of January. As soon It's March, you have already given up 9 out of 10 good intentions.

So let the thing with the good intentions and just take A word for the whole year - but beware: It could  really, really, really change you! 

If you're so conditioned like me — how to get things done and ticking off — it seems once is sufficient to set the beginning of the year new goals. Nevertheless, we were frustrated with the progress of time, when the achievement of our ambitious goals didn't succeeded in permanently. We just wanted to reach out to much and the result was that we have actually done nothing really well.

A word as a theme for the whole year. You read correctly — A word. Not a sentence, not a statement, It's really only a single word. I have really concentrated on A word, were I've seen in a year alot of incredible changes in my life. If you discover your word of the year, you'll achieve much more clarity, more passion, more meaning in your life. 

The concentration on A word gives you simplicity and focus. It puts an end to the constant distractions and focus on what really matters. I was brought up in all areas: spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and in my relationships. This Exercise has changed Me; and everyone is looking forward to positive changes in their lifes. 

There's a reason that I say: "go for A word for the whole year — but caution!" Once you've discovered your word, go to the challenge. It initiates a process, in whose course it is to Teach, Develop, Refine, and Shape yourself. The word is considered to be a light and a mirror; in this way, your path becomes illuminated and you realize things that change are in need of. It will allow you a wonderful journey with UPs and Downs, which is designed to make you the Person that you're supposed to be actually. — simplify your life!

PS: Here are my words for the past years, since I started doing this.

2017 - Decisions

2018 - Instinct

2019 - Priority

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