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Make Casual Your Bitch at Work!

Silk pants can be as professional as they are comfy. The key is adding structure —

Sneakers, not only are sneakers comfortable, they're the biggest trend in footwear right now. It even having appeared on the couture runways of both Dior and Chanel.

They're also a lot more office/work-friendly than you might think. The key is downplaying their overall sneaker-ness so it doesn't look like you're just wearing your running shoes to the office/work. Monochromatic and color-blocked styles are ideal, especially in neutrals. Pair them with more masculine, tailored pieces like slim-fitting trousers, collared shirts, crisp T's,  structured jackets and a captain hat, then add simple metallic jewelry to finish off the look.  

No logos, no team names and no little swooshes. The next most important thing is the fabric. If it's too flimsy it will look like loungewear, so you want to make sure you choose something thick and densely woven. Look for a sweatshirt that's a little on the longer side and boxy without being oversized. Use color to tie the two together.

I remember trying this outfit on the day before wearing it and thinking oohh this is going to go one of two ways. I personally love it. It’s chick, edgy, and just with a little extra captain hat.

Thanks for reading and stay inspired. 💋

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