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Atelier Swarovski PFW18 Magic Light Collection Fall Winter 2019

Hi Loves today's post is about Atelier Swarovski & Me being the Magic Light.

In March I had the pleasure to be invited to the Atelier Swarovski Paris for a photoshooting and the presentation of their Fall/Winter 2019 Magic Light Collection who just dropped.

For Fall/ Winter 2019/20, Atelier Swarovski took me to a journey through enchants with magic light. The plan was to show me their new collection piece by piece and then choose my favourite ones and do the photoshooting with Jon Pride and the team from PRFact AG. My impressions: I had a lot of fun with the team! The pieces of this compelling collection are reflecting the magic lights. These impressions are reaching from dark, mysterious skies to shimmering lights. It is exactly this time of the year, when days get colder and dark, when you appreciate and need light even more. Symbols play a central role in this collection and their meaning always shines through. Therefore you see that also light can turn into darkness and the other way round. Another thing which cannot be missing during Fall/Winter seasons are, fancy colliers and cocktail rings. The more, the better! And when wearing these brilliant pieces, it is your time to be the Magic Light in these Winter Darkness!

Take a closer look at some of my highlights of this collection:

Photo: by Jon Pride

Get Yours:



Of course here is my provocative Outfit Details:

Leather Sailor Hat @Zara

Magnifique Bra @Dim

Wonderful Wrapdress @Pinko

Beautiful Bootin @L'autrechause

Be Inspired & Slaytotear ­čĺő

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