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8 things all stylish people secretly do

Fashion-Killas always look as if they are pimped out of the egg: their outfits attract envious looks and are spotted. But also make-up and hair are always matched. How to be always so perfectly styled? With the right tricks, which of course we do not tell anyone. I've collected them for you: 8 fashion tips that all stylish people do quite clammy!

1. Plan your outfit for the next day already in the evening. Organization is everything: when you already plan the for the next day, you save not only time, but also avoid bad or in doubt chosen unstylic emergency.

2. Get a perfect dress for "Last Minute" invitations like at point 1, organization is the key to a perfect look.  Are you invited to an event or celebration at short notice?  With a "Wow" dress for such occasions, which you have already bought in stock, you do not come into shopping stress!

3. Care ALWAYS your shoes - no matter how much they have cost.

It is the details that make a good look. Therefore: Pay attention to accessories such as shoes on valuable materials. Equally important: Care your shoes! Always! Absolute No-Go: Slipped and crooked heels, scuffs and stains on leather heels.


4. Wear your favorite outfits again and again.

You do not need every day a new outfit - which has proved itself, you may wear also often. It is already enough to change small things in the look. For example: Variations in accessories such as bags or shoes.


5. Style to please women - not men.

For your new outfit, do you get compliments from your girlfriends? Congratulations! You've done everything right! Men like a lot of things and not much - sincere and real compliments you get only from women.


6. Shorten your jeans so they fit perfectly.

The secret tip of women with style: the right jeans! Just as important is the cut and the length, because jeans must above all be one: sit properly! For this, you can even put your hand and shorten the jeans so that they cheat one even a few inches larger.


7. Shop online to avoid queues at Zara & Co.

Even fashion professionals like Kylie, Gigi and even fashion icon Rihanna goes shopping from time to time at Zara & Co. You've never seen the Modestars there? The reason: you shop online and work around annoying queues at locker and checkout.


8. Devoted a few extra styling minutes to your hair every morning. A styling queen never goes "unfinished" out of the house. This means: Your hair is styled, your make-up sits. Perfect, so also unspectacular outfits such as T-shirt and jeans look just a little more elegant and stylish.

Hope you enjoyed reading 💋

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