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Hél ­čĺő


I'm Hél the writer of Bellenee.com.


Welcome to my personal Beauty and Fashion diary. My Beauty Secrets, Outfits and Style inspiration brought to you from the City of Basel, Switzerland. Besides my love for Beauty and fashion, I have created this blog to express and share my tips-tricks, sense of style and creativity with all of my fellow fashionista’s.


Living in a city as Basel, I am both influenced and inspired by this great city’s landscape, the meshing together of its many different cultures.


Depending upon my mood and how I’m feeling when I wake up, I will begin the day by piecing together my outfit. My personality plays a big part in how I dress as well. And while I love keeping up with the latest fashion trends, I am always adding my own personal touch or twist to the look of my outfit!


Your style should reflect your personality!! I am Bold and Edgy, Daring and Risky I never stick to just one category of style. I love it all, street, chic, classy, boho, tomboy and more. I own my sense of style with whatever look I am going for and that’s what makes me, ME. What you are wearing speaks volumes about the essence of who you are, how you are feeling and where you are headed. It’s telling your story. Own your look with confidence and whatever makes you feel good.


Enjoy & be inspired


 Hél ­čĺő

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